Insane Paranoid Conspiracy Thread

One of our less-than-balanced readers tried to hijack a thread earlier today, by presenting his home-cooked-but-half-baked theory that El Clintonistas de Fuego Morte were setting up a coup, on the basis that President Obama was not really sworn in as the legitimate President on Tuesday. This reminds me that every so often we need to allow our more, hmm, ‘creative‘ members to present and defend their favorite conspiracy theories. Some of those theories can be logical and persuasive, but frankly most are amusing for their complete disconnection from Reality.

So, whether you feel compelled to save America from the People of Area 51, or you just heard a story so hilariously outrageous you had to share it, here’s your place. Show time, Ted!

Global recession impacts consumer spending, former Guantanamo imate hardest hit
False/misleading Reuters headline on stem cell research