National Sanctity of Human Life Day

Twenty five years ago, January 22, 1984, president Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. Of course January 22 is also the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision that essentially legalized abortion in the United States. Gotta love the Gipper. No wonder liberals hated him so much.

Today, largely unnoticed by a mainstream news media that is still trying to hide the glory radiating from their faces after the inauguration of The One, thousands of pro-life supporters will march in Washington, DC as part of the annual March For Life.

At the same time, the Obama administration seems prepared to once again eliminate the “Mexico City Policy” (so named because it was announced at the 1984 United Nations International Conference on Population held in Mexico City), which prohibits private organizations from using Federal government money to promote abortion outside the US. The Mexico City funding ban was lifted by executive order during the Clinton Administration, and then reinstated in an executive order by George W. Bush. (You’ll notice that W.’s executive order was “controversial,” but Obama’s isn’t. Bias? Nah — move along, nothing to see here.)

And the Freedom of Choice Act is on the table once again. President Obama, our first “all abortion, all the time” Chief Executive, has promised to unhesitatingly sign the bill into law if it passes Congress.

The primary purpose of the Freedom of Choice Act is to make abortion a fundamental right guaranteed to every female citizen of the United States; in essence it would elevate abortion to the status of the civil rights enshrined in the Constitution. The law would ensure that “every woman has the fundamental right to choose to bear a child, to terminate a pregnancy prior to fetal viability, or to terminate a pregnancy after fetal viability when necessary to protect the life or health of the woman.” And if you are a male (i.e. a father) and you oppose the mother’s decision to kill your baby? Well, apparently you’re SOL.

As originally introduced in Congress, FOCA would require all hospitals and medical treatment facilities receiving Federal funds to offer abortion services — including religiously-affiliated hospitals. Catholic bishops are strongly opposed to FOCA; they say that if faced with the choice between performing abortions or closing Catholic charity hospitals (many of which are the sole medical care providers for poor neighborhoods), they would tearfully close their hospitals. FOCA would also force medical professionals and social workers to give abortion referrals to pregnant clients. Those who refuse to do so could be criminally prosecuted.

Is this the kind of “Hope and Change” that most Americans want? I don’t think so.

Yesterday I noticed a full-page ad in the Oklahoma Gazette by the Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights, essentially saying “thank (insert politically correct new age Supreme Being euphemism of your choice) for abortion.” The ad also listed a large number of the organization’s benefactors, and I couldn’t help but notice that the Peace House was one of them.

For the life of me, I’ll never understand how an organization that promotes peace and non-violence can support a medical procedure that involves a human fetus being torn asunder and sucked out of the womb with a vacuum nozzle.

For that matter, I still don’t understand how an organization that proudly announced its plans to disobey Oklahoma immigration law because they found it unconscionable can ally itself with interests that support the Freedom of Choice Act with its draconian restrictions on freedom of conscience. I know, I know — I’m just not enlightened enough.

If you are passionate about the issue of abortion — regardless of your position — then today is an important one for you. Those of us who oppose abortion, except in rare situations where it is deemed medically necessary, seem to have a lot of work cut out for us during the next four years.

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