A Trashy Inauguration

(Photo from The Drudge Report)

Inauguration revelers left behind over 130 tons of trash, says The Washington Post.

Part of the problem stemmed from the removal of trash receptacles, which was done as a security precaution. But good grief, don’t liberal save-the-planet types know about “pack it in – pack it out“?

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that the Obama inauguration set a record for private jet usage, with a record 600 private jets bringing VIP’s into Washington, DC this week.

In all, the Inauguration probably generated around 500 million pounds of CO2, excluding the methane and CO2 released as a result of flatulence by the 1 million or so Inauguration attendees.

Too bad everyone couldn’t partake in the amenities of the Green Inaugural Ball, held in the Andrew W. Mellon auditorium:

… the catering will be “100 percent organic” and … the bars will feature both local and organic beverages. The food waste and floral arrangements will be composted and the lighting scheme will be energy efficient. The group will also pay for wind power offsets and carbon credits to make the event carbon neutral.

The Obama Inauguration seems to have revealed the true value that Democrats place on their vaunted ideals of environmental stewardship and conservation. Thanks for clearing that up for the rest of us.

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