Not a Promising Beginning

I did not watch the inauguration or any of the inaugural ball on television. We have the most beautiful snow we have had in years here in NC and I have taken advantage of it. (Thank you global warming). The little bit of news I have gotten of the inauguration has come from quotes and reports I have seen online and I have spent very little time even reading those. What I have seen though is surprising, but it shouldn’t be.

The pettiness of many of Obama’s supporters’ public reaction to President Bush during the inauguration ceremony was shocking to me. I have witnessed the nastiness of many on the left over the past eight years (some of it first hand), but now that they have won control of the entire government you would think they could put that behind them and celebrate. You would think they would choose to put their childish ways behind them and act like decent human beings. Instead they cling to the hatred that has kept them going for eight years and they go out of their way to validate what those of us on the right have said about them for the past eight years.

I was surprised to read some of the digs at President Bush in Obama’s inaugural speech. Some, such as implying America has not been making tough decisions or leading, are not only classless, but absurd. I would have thought Obama would choose to make a gracious and honest speech, but evidently that is more than he is capable of doing.

The White House website shocked me as well. The huge picture of Obama’s head that took up over half of my computer screen looked more like a campaign poster than the official White House website. If you ever looked at the WH website during the Bush years you will know what I mean. The site under Bush was tasteful and looked official and the focus was the office of the White House, not an individual. Today I learned the tacky “look” of the new site is only the beginning. The text on the site includes more digs at Bush.

All the above leads me to believe Obama is still stuck in campaign mode. He has not yet learned how to be a leader. Certainly not the leader of the free world. Certainly not the leader of the greatest military in the world. Hopefully he and his supporters will get this childishness out of their systems. Hopefully he will grow into the position. Hopefully that will happen before he is tested.

As for all the continuing criticism of Bush… I don’t even think they believe it themselves. We shall soon see though. If Obama leaves most of the Bush administration policies in place relating to national security we will have proof that the criticism was either intentionally dishonest or uninformed. If Obama approaches foreign policy and national security much as Bush has the past eight years we will know he and those on the left didn’t have a clue what President Bush has been up against since 9/11.

Soon enough Team Obama will learn that what George Bush has done is in the past and they will no longer be able to blame everything on him. They need to figure out how to keep this country strong and safe as President Bush has for the past eight years. Hopefully they will figure it out sooner rather than later.

Update: Lynne commenting on this post said the White House website picture is now of the Capitol. Then she accused me of lying about the huge picture of Obama that appeared there when I visited the site yesterday. I guess I will have to see if anyone grabbed a screenshot since even an Obama supporter doubts that he would have a huge picture of his head on taking up most of the White House website. For the record, I not only saw the website online, but when my kids were channel surfing yesterday afternoon saw a shot of it on CNN. I didn’t hear what the report was about since I only caught a split second of it, but definitely saw the same page that appeared online.

Update II: Here is Lynne’s comment questioning the White House website picture from yesterday: “And P.S., the has a picture of the Capitol on the front page so I don’t know what internets you were on; spread your stupidity but when people can go and check, I suggest you keep the lies to a minimum.” I guess since a simple screenshot or video from CNN will prove that what I said is true, people might want to keep inaccurately and unfairly accusing others of lying to a minimum.

Update III: Okay, I took the bait. Here is a link showing not only the big head Obama shot, but showing how the White House website appeared during the Bush administration. It took about 15 seconds on Google to find it.

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