Caroline Kennedy Withdraws her Name from NY Senate Bid

She is saying it’s for personal reasons, and, as the report states, just when Governor Paterson was going to offer it to her.

Caroline Kennedy has told Gov. David Paterson that she is withdrawing her name from consideration to replace outgoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the U.S. Senate, The Post has learned.

Kennedy cited “personal reasons,” according to sources.

Her stunning move comes as sources revealed that Paterson had intended to appoint her to the now-vacant seat today.

The 51-year-old Camelot daughter’s decision removes the highest-profile name in the ring to step into Clinton’s seat, as she departs after getting confirmed as President Obama’s Secretary of State today.

The surprise decision leaves a crowded field of about 15 people, mostly elected officials, vying to replace Clinton – including Long Island Rep. Steve Israel, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

Ed Morrissey opines:

Actually, the trigger may have been Paterson’s statement Tuesday that Andrew Cuomo was under consideration for the slot. The specter of losing after making such a public bid for Hillary Clinton’s seat may have been too much for the Kennedy mystique, or at least the Kennedy ego.

We can’t allow a Kennedy to be seen as a mere human, now can we?

Update: The New York Post reports that she ended her bid after she found out Paterson was not going to appoint her, but now we are hearing from the AP that a friend reports that Kennedy is still in the race. Sheesh, stop vacillating already.

Update II: One more time, shall we? Caroline Kennedy issued a statement last night saying that she really is out of the running for the senate seat.

I informed Gov. Paterson today that for personal reasons I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate.

I hope someone close to her has informed her that there are no take backs.

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