This is your brain on hate


At noon, George W. Bush turns over power to Barack Obama. After the oaths have been sworn and the speeches have been given, when everyone else in DC is thoroughly wasted on Obamamania, the Bushes will head back to Texas and begin leading their lives as private citizens.

Most Americans will turn their attention to other things in their lives, whether they be their new president, their families, or their jobs. A small portion of the American population, though, will still be doing what they’ve been doing for the past 8 years: hating Bush. Getting off hatred won’t be easy for them. Like most addicts, their bodies and brains have been steeped in hatred for so long, they simply can’t walk away from it. Some don’t want to walk away from it; their hatred has been their sole purpose in life since Bush came into office.

These people are using the inauguration to display their hatred of Bush, either not realizing or not caring that the day isn’t about him. Scroll all the way down and take a look at the folks who’ve donned the Abu Ghraib attire.

Some are dismayed that Bush and others in his administration won’t be prosecuted. It seems protecting us from blood thirsty terrorists is a crime in these people’s small, closed minds.

William McGurn at the Wall Street Journal says he knows why some in the Beltway hate Bush:

In a few hours, George W. Bush will walk out of the Oval Office for the last time as president. As he leaves, he carries with him the near-universal opprobrium of the permanent class that inhabits our nation’s capital. Yet perhaps the most important reason for this unpopularity is the one least commented on.

Here’s a hint: It’s not because of his failures. To the contrary, Mr. Bush’s disfavor in Washington owes more to his greatest success. Simply put, there are those who will never forgive Mr. Bush for not losing a war they had all declared unwinnable.

This is a very interesting point, and one that sounds more right than wrong. Anchoress comments on another liberal making a similar comment:

To this day I cannot forget Ellen Ratner saying to Linda Vestor “we’ll just have to hope Iraq goes wrong so we can get back into the White House”. The mindset still stuns me.

It does me, too. Of course, it doesn’t help that silly people in the media overplay the transition of power in such a way that it demeans and wholly misrepresents President Bush’s presidency.

And unfortunately, some who say they’re on our side are similarly hoping for Obama’s failure. And no respect for those who don’t go along with their group think:

Many American Christians believe, as an article of faith, that we are to pray for the success of our leaders.

It has become a sort of conventional wisdom among soft-minded believers.

I disagree with virtually all of the policies and programs Obama campaigned on. But it seems he has backed off of some of those regarding national security since winning last November. Being responsible for the safety and well being of over 300 million Americans can put a bit of damper on pacifist-leaning rhetoric espoused during the heat of the campaign trail. Nonetheless, there are still many very liberal domestic policies I hope Barack Obama fails to implement. That doesn’t mean I hope he fails as a president, unlike the Bush haters of the past 8 years who will probably still be Bush haters even as he settles into retirement in Texas and Obama’s administration moves full steam ahead.

Update: Ed Morrissey’s comments encapsulate my thoughts nicely:

Best of luck, President Obama. My prayers are with you, for support and wisdom as you assume the burden of this office and lead our country. When you fail to provide that leadership or demonstrate wisdom, though, don’t expect me to be silent. I’m rooting for America, not the coach.

Regarding those who are praying for Obama to fail, the Anchoress reminds us what’s at stake when hate consumes thoughts and words, and it’s not just because it’s bad for the country:

Sorry, I can’t go along with “praying for Obama’s failure.” I don’t believe in negative prayers; there is no negative in Christ.

I can pray, however, that Obama’s heart be turned away from political expediency and the pop-culture-glamor excesses to that which best serves our nation.

Such a prayer requires trusting that God knows more than I do, and that what I “think” will be best for the nation at any given moment may not be what God thinks – or, that what I want to see is not what must happen, for the very “best” thing to occur.

To pray for President Obama to “fail” would be exactly like those haters on the left, who wanted the economy to fail, who wanted our young people killed in Iraq, who wanted nothing but bad to happen for Bush. Might be emotionally satisfying to pursue that for a day or two, but that’s a prayer that would ultimately be bad for the nation, and bad for my soul.

Update II:
Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood is already serving its purpose. He offers great commentary on many Hollywood liberals’ willingness to viciously undermine and attack not only President Bush but our troops and our country itself. Now that Obama is president, they suddenly feel the desire to be good Americans and unite our country. And they have the nerve to lecture us on how to do it, too.

Update III: Will Obama’s inauguration cure the cases of BDS out there? Noel Sheppard, like me, predicts no.

Update IV: Jeremy Lott at the Guardian puts his closed little mind on display.

Update V: Obama supporters at the Inaugural can’t even keep their hate for Bush in check long enough to be respectful at their own guy’s victory party. It’s not surprising, as so many on the left are perpetual adolescents. The commentators at MSNBC remarked that the crowd’s behavior was bad form, but for 8 years these same commentators led by example.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Sister Toldjah explains the difference between street BDS and elite BDS. Both forms are ugly and shameful.

I do not expect that my words here to move the Bush haters into rational thought for they cannot be moved. Their hatred seems to be permanently imprinted, tattooed onto their shriveled little minds.

Just in time for the 111th Congress ...