Open Discussion – Global Warming

From the start, I have to say that I am cynical about all the claims made about Global Warming. The short version is that while there is an abundance of noise made about how we must act now to stop Global Warming, all those activists put together have not yet managed to make one compelling presentation using undisiputed evidence to support their claim that Global Warming even exists as a legitimate crisis. So, here’s your chance. This is an open thread for you to make your case, show us the proof that

A – Global Warming does in fact exist as a long-term crisis;
B – the risks are in fact global and permanent;
C – that the cause is indisputably man-made;
D – that there are specific actions which we can take which will indisputably address the effects of Global Warming, should it in fact exist.

Here’s your chance. Don’t blow it.

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