Obama. All Day, All the Time


Well, tomorrow is the Immaculate Inauguration, replete with schoolkids being forced to watch the process, as if we have a Stalinist, state controlled school system, where politics of a certain persuasion are forced upon children.

That’s called “indoctrination”, correct?

Taking a cue from DJ’s open thread post, I was wondering what all you fine readers will be doing tomorrow. It is a rarity that I find myself not looking forward to a day off, but, alas, I have off tomorrow. So, instead of watching the media have a group “Obamagasm”, I’ve decided to watch all 7 episodes of “John Adams”, to remind me of how this country was founded, and display just what true patriotism means.

This media saturation of “all Obama, all the time” I believe will eventually lead to Obama fatigue, sooner rather than later.

So, what do you good people intend to do tomorrow, that is, if you have the misfortune off having off for the day?

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