Soledad O'Brien: You know who's like the heroic pilot Chesley Sullenberger? Barack Obama!

Soledad O’Brien couldn’t discuss Captain Sullenberger and his actions without comparing them to Barack Obama:

CNN’s Saturday filled with following Barack Obama’s train trip to the Inauguration was also filled with Obama praise. At one juncture, CNN couldn’t help but metaphorically merge Barack Obama with the exhilarating news of the US Airways pilot who landed his plane in the Hudson River without losing a single passenger.

A few minutes after 2 pm Eastern time, anchorman Wolf Blitzer recalled “Soledad [O’Brien] and I were talking about this earlier and she was saying metaphorically in some ways, the pilot of that airplane is very much like Barack Obama — that he got the plane down safely, but everybody else had to join together to get out of the plane and pull together to get through that adversity. I thought that was an interesting metaphor.

I’m still trying to figure out if O’Brien is trying to raise Obama to Sullenberger’s heroism or if she’s trying to raise Sullenberger’s to Obama’s. Either way, that Obama previously has been compared to Jesus Christ as a messianic figure, comparing Obama to Sullenberger reduces his stature back down to that of a mere mortal. Maybe Obama’s star is fading a bit?

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