President Bush: more concerned about getting results than getting credit

After eight years of nothing but nasty, antagonistic coverage, the media decide to start telling us about some of the good things President Bush has done now that he’s in his last days in office.

Today we learn how committed President Bush was to helping the homeless. It comes after years of calling him callous, evil, and uncaring. Read:

Philip Mangano’s life was sailing smoothly along when it ran aground on a movie that made him rethink what was really, truly important, and here is what ensued — less misery for thousands of America’s homeless and an impressive if largely unsung accomplishment for the administration of President George W. Bush.

This particular accomplishment is unsung because the media refused to report on it. The media refused to report on a lot of President Bush’s accomplishments, including his commitment to fighting aids in Africa.

But I digress from the accomplishment at hand. Here’s more from the article:

Seven years ago, Mangano took over the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, reporting to the White House and setting out as a kind of evangelist to convince local governments to sign up for 10-year partnerships with the federal government. Saying yes were 350 communities in which some 90 percent of the homeless live, and guess what? According to data from as recently as 2007, the number of the most seriously disabled out on the streets is down by 30 percent.

It’s a remarkable story that maybe you haven’t heard because the administration — frequently said to be unconcerned about the poor — has avoided bragging. This is a non-partisan effort — the arrangements being made are with officials of all parties, but mainly Democratic mayors. If the Democrats sense any political advantage seeking by Republicans here, they might be more reluctant to participate, and the administration has therefore sacrificed publicity for the sake of getting something done.
And that is the state of politics and the media today. The Democrat mayors would have let the homeless continue to suffer and the taxpayers continue to pay if President Bush got any credit for helping the homeless. These Democrats were more concerned with preventing President Bush from getting any positive coverage in the media than they were about helping the homeless in their cities. And the willing media went along with this by not reporting on this story. They could have found out about program. It was all public record. They could have done their jobs and informed the American people about how their taxes were being spent to help get people off the streets. They could have informed the American people that they had a leader who was compassionate, but the media remained silent about anything positive about President Bush and instead researched and reported on classified terrorist surviellance programs that undermined the president’s efforts to protect the American people after 9/11.

Meanwhile, President Bush was less concerned about getting credit for helping his fellow Americans than he was about actually helping them. Imagine that. A politician who actually cares about helping his fellow citizens in need than he is about getting credit. President Bush could have used the good press if his administration’s role in this program had been reported. But he didn’t care about PR. He was more concerned about helping those who needed help. That is a man of great character.

I expect that more stories like this one will come out after President Bush leaves office, and as the American people learn more about their former president, they will come to realize that the man the media defined as heartless and self-consumed didn’t exist at all except in the form of words in newspapers and on television.

Link via Lucianne.

Update: I highly recommend you stop by The Anchoress. She has links to a lot of blogs by folks who have praised President Bush for his tireless efforts to do what was right. That means fighting Islamofascism around the world, fighting AIDS in Africa, helping the homeless, freeing Iraqis from the death grip of Saddam Hussein and much more. It’s a great roundup.

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