What's At The End Of The Rainbow? TARP

The National Legal and Policy Center has asked the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to investigate contributions made just recently by Bank of America and Citigroup to Jesse Jackson’s infamous shakedown racket Rainbow/PUSH.

According to the NLPC the two troubled banks have donated over $80,000 to sponsor Jackson’s shakedown in New York this week.

The massive federal intrusion into private sector industries (in order to quell panic) has been enormously difficult for taxpayers to accept, but for an ostensibly private sector bank to take tax payer funds with one hand and give it to Jesse Jackson with the other is outrageous. This fubar should be front and center at Treasury Secretary appointee Timothy F. Geithner hearings (if he makes it that far).

H/T : Dealbreaker

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