UN Chief Expresses Outrage Over UN Compound Bombing

UN leader Ban Ki Moon has condemned Israel for it’s bombing of a U.N. aid compound in Gaza, as Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak called the strike a “grave mistake”.

Ban has called several times for an immediate ceasefire between the Nation of Hamas and Israel, mostly condemning Israeli for “disproportionate” attacks.

Perhaps if Mr. Ban had to live under a constant barrage of missile attacks, he’d be a bit more sympathetic to the Israeli cause.

He should recall, while in Iraq to meet with President Malki, the explosion which rocked his press conference, in which Mr. Ban almost soiled himself, and wonder if he could live with such terrorist attacks like that which Israel endures on a daily basis.

No word yet on whether Mr. Ban will condemn the actions of his “Peacekeepers” raping women in eastern Congo

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