The right to bear arms

This news certainly gives new meaning to the expression ‘shooting craps’.

The man escaped with a few cuts to his arm, but the toilet made out much worse.

Police say a man’s gun fell out of its holster while he pulled up his pants after using the washroom at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant Tuesday. The gun fired when it hit the floor and shattered the commode.

A few shards of porcelain cut the man’s arm, and a woman in an adjacent restroom who was frightened by the noise reported she was having chest pain. Both people were checked at the scene and released.

Police say they confiscated the 26-year-old man’s firearm while they review the incident.

The man had a weapons permit. No charges are being filed.

If the gun owner had been drunk, the police may have thrown him in the tank. Maybe the woman who got wounded trying to shoot mice is looking for a date.

I’ll leave Wizbang readers to make further jokes.

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