Carol Browner, A Shady Past?

The so-called “Brain-Power” cabinet of Mr. Obama’s sure doesn’t look so smart recently.

This time it’s Obama’s menacingly named “Climate Czar” pick, Carol Browner.

Although some has been said of Carol Browner’s association with the “Commission for a Sustainable World Society”, which is part of Socialist-International ( I could just stop there.), nothing has been said about her tenure as head of the EPA under the Bill Clinton, where she served during his entire administration.

According to a story done by TIME magazine (written in February, 2001), what amazingly has not come to light recently regarding Ms. Browner was her involvement in the then festering racial problems at the EPA while she served as Administrator. These problems eventually lead to passage of the NOFEAR Act (the National and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination Act of 2001), which held federal agencies accountable for tolerating discrimination and stifling workplace whistleblowers.

According to a Ms. Coleman-Adebayo, under Browner’s tenure, an accepted air of “racial pollution” was allowed to be tolerated at the agency.

“We were treated like Negroes, to use a polite term. We were put in our place.”

After being passed up for promotions, outstanding performance evaluations, and annual bonuses, Coleman-Adebayo filed a complaint with the EPA’s office of civil rights.

Her white supervisors told her in an annual performance evaluation that she was “too uppity”.

After the same type of disregard occurred in her next appointment, working in a group on environmental issues chaired by then Vice-President Al Gore, and not believing these types of incidents could occur under such a “racially sensitive” administration, she decided to contact her lawyer.

After sending a letter to Administrator Browner outlining the “crude and ham-fisted treatment” she was getting from the “good-old boy” network at her agency, Coleman-Adebayo went to court, where a jury found Carol Browner’s EPA guilty of discrimination, awarding her $600,000 in damages.

As word spread thorough the EPA, more workers came forward with similar complaints regarding discriminatory treatment from white supervisors. Anita Nickens, an EPA specialist, and the only black present during a visit of Mrs. Browner, was told to clean the toilet prior to her arrival. Afterward, the rest of her white co-workers bragged about it.

150 employees explored filing similar lawsuits against the EPA at the time Ms. Browner was in charge.

At a following congressional hearing concerning the atmosphere at the EPA, Ms. Browner claimed that during her role as EPA chief, minorities in senior ranks tripled, though she couldn’t understand why her EPA managers who discriminated against Ms. Coleman-Adebayo weren’t fired, and in some cases were even given promotions.

To paraphrase a well known quote:

Heck of a job, Browner!

Farewell, Sir.
The Trillion Dollar Head Fake