Brilliant: Some Gitmo Detainees Might Settle in the US

Earlier today we learned that Camp Pendleton is a possible housing facility for Gitmo detainees once Obama has it closed down. That’s bad enough. But now we hear that Obama is considering allowing some Gitmo detainees to live here in the United States.

Sure, what could go wrong?

Human rights advocates are urging the incoming Obama administration to allow some detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to resettle as U.S. residents as part of any plan to close the controversial facility.

Taking such a step would go beyond plans outlined so far to close the prison and transfer detainees to other countries or to military prisons on the U.S. mainland. But allowing a small number — perhaps only two or three — to live freely in the U.S. could help persuade other countries to accept some of them as well.

“If we want European and other countries to feel comfortable taking at least some of the prisoners off American hands, the U.S. will have to show it is OK by taking some itself,” said Tom Malinowski, the Washington advocacy director of Human Rights Watch.

President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team is considering the option, but a Democratic official said there has been no conclusion that the resettlement option is necessary to Obama’s plans.

And who’s behind this unbelievably stupid, idiotic, dangerous, death-wish of an idea? This woman:

Elisa Massimino, the executive director of Human Rights First, said resettling a few detainees in the U.S would be a wise move for Obama.

“After seven years of being fed the line that everyone there is the worst of the worst, it would help enormously if the United States would set an example that would put the lie to that, by taking one or two of the people,” she said.

Oh, sure. We’re just holding those people in Gitmo for the hell of it. They go with the decor. But here’s my idea. If she’s convinced they’re all harmless and misunderstood and being held by big, bad George W. Bush, how about if the one or two of the people she thinks should resettle here live with her. After all, it’s her idea.

Update: How about an Adopt-a-Jihadist program? That’s the ticket.

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