Breaking News- USAirways flight crashes into the Hudson river

Early reports are sketchy but there are survivors from US Airways Flight 1549. There was an uncertain amount of people up to a total of 150 on board. A bird or flock of birds may have sucked into one of the plane’s engines.

USAirways has had a history of incidents out of or at LaGuardia airport. USAir Flight 5050 crashed into the East River in 1989 killing two people. Then there was USAir 405 that crashed into Flushing Bay in 1992.

As you can imagine this is all over the Cable news networks right now. Can’t expect anything less when a accident or incident takes place in the New York area. A crane accident in Boise will never get the same amount of air time.

Say a prayer for all on board US Airways Flight 1549 and their families.

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