This Sunday, President Bush appeared on Fox News Sunday with Brit Hume, talking about what he’ll miss the most about being president and what it will feel like not being president.

In between his wistful nostalgia, he was asked how he views the Republican party and how it should go forth now after getting “whipped” in 2008.

He said:

“It’s important for our party not to narrow its focus, not to become so inward-looking that we drive people away from a philosophy that’s compassionate and decent … My call for our party is to become open-minded”.

As he said this, I could feel it coming. I started to grit my teeth and hope he wouldn’t say it, that he wouldn’t revert to an issue which he failed miserably to convey, but, he did it anyway.

He cited, as an example, the issue of immigration.

He continued:

“If we’re looked at as anti-somebody… In other words, if the party is viewed as anti-immigrant, than another fellow may say “well, if they’re against the immigrant, they may be against me.”.

“We’ve got to be a party for a better future.”


Ummm, this is pure RINO crap. There can be a “litmus test” to be a Republican. It’s called maintaining and espousing Conservative principles.

The Republican party just put forth a presidential candidate in John McCain that is about as pro-amnesty and anti-conservative as you can get and still be called a Republican. And he got “whipped”!

Of all the things Pres. Bush could have picked as an example, it was immigration? (Sound of head banging against the wall.)

It is not, Mr. Bush, non-compassionate to expect the leaders of your party or your country to want immigration to be legally pursued. It is not guaranteed in the constitution the right to immigrate here. It is a privilege. It is, however, part of the constitution to defend the borders of the United States, especially during a time of war.

Granting amnesty to illegal aliens only encourages more of the same to come here, knowing they can get away with it.

Illegal immigration is a drain on resources, especially those of border states, and should be treated as a criminal act.

This is not a philosophy that isn’t “compassionate and decent”, it is one that is lawful and right.

The argument that these people “do the jobs that Americans won’t do” is a self-perpetuating myth. It artificially holds down fair wages and transforms the system into nothing more than state-sponsored slave labor. And in this time of growing monthly job losses, American citizens and legal immigrants would probably be more than willing to do these jobs, and if given the chance, it would raise the wages of those jobs to a more sustainable “living wage” level.

As I’ve said before, if the likes of Ted Kennedy get their way, the 12-20 million illegal immigrants currently in this country will become nothing more than a 12-20 million democratic voting block, an insurmountable new number.

Reagan had his “Reagan Democrats”. Obama has his “Obama Republicans”. Couple that with a voting population of illegals, and you can expect Republicans to be “whipped” for a long time coming.

I’ve voiced my support for many of President Bush’s actions during these 8 years. But with things like Amnesty and the recent socialist action of bailing out and assimilating companies into government sponsored entities instead of letting the free market system do it’s job, I’ve become more convinced that the President has morphed into just another RINO.

And that’s just an sour appetizer for the next four years.

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