Incredibly Wild Hollywood Style Speculation

There have been reports that president elect Obama is having a dinner tonight with several not so left wing types such as William Kristol and David Brooks.

Hot Air speculates that the most evil one himself may be attending because of a late cancellation of today’s broadcast.

So what to make of this? Is Obama turning even more solidly center than his appointments have indicated? Is he going to completely irrigate the far left base that, pardon the choice of words, carried water for him against the forces of Clinton?

Forget all of that. There is something else at work here and I sense more than the usual head fake of a Big Media or Hollywood style “meet the other side” story here. I predict that there is a major business icon behind this meeting, a person of unquestioned integrity, honesty and a history of mitigating the damage that inevitably occurs when right of center meets left of center at the intersection with no stop signs.

The obvious answer might be, if she were still alive, former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham. But what makes me think it is one of her acolytes that may have recommended that president elect Obama attend this meeting on the eve of his inaugural?

I’ve deposited some serious clues here, so let’s see what the next few days bring.


He wasn’t there, but my clues remain valid nonetheless.

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