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Born today January 12th

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Professor Ann Althouse(One of my favorite bloggers)
Howard Stern
Herman Goering
Yours Truly

Yes I turn 48 today. I don’t know if I will make it to 49. My cancer prognoisis isn’t very good. I gave up correspondence chess in the last year which tells anyone the mental wear and tear I’ve undergone of late.

Then I could beat the cancer and readers here get to look forward to more posts on golf, Maureen Dowd, Knucklehead of the Day, Mark Steyn, screwed up immigration policy, bizarre news from Florida, Mark Krikorian and other topics all or most of which will drive some Wizbang readers to petition Kevin to take away my posting privileges from the only contributor here at Wizbang that I know voted for Barack Obama in 2008. It was the Florida democratic primary and the choice was him or Hillary. Not that it made any difference……

See what you got to forward to if you wish me well. I’m being sarcastic, readers here should be used to it. Have a great day, I will. I’m going to Olive Garden for dinner tonight.

Yes, Israel Does Have a Right to Exist
He laid an egg