A sign of the apocalypse Part III

Fran Drescher for the US Senate from New York? From the Malibu Times

While a media frenzy has erupted over the Senate’s refusal to seat the governor of Chicago’s appointment, Roland Burris, and Minnesota’s Al Franken’s confirmation is being held up by a challenge from his Republican opponent, actress Fran Drescher has used the media to test the waters for a U.S. Senate run representing New York. It is believed that Caroline Kennedy is the leading contender for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s seat.

Recent television and magazine interviews have created much speculation over Drescher’s plans to run for the Senate seat. However, Drescher, who owns a home in Malibu, said Tuesday in an interview with The Malibu Times the publicity is a way of putting her “toe in the water” should she choose to run in 2010.

“I’ve been told by very high level U.S. senators that I should run for the Senate, and that I’d be great in the senate,” Drescher said. “And high level Democratic donors have encouraged me. So I thought OK, I’ll throw my hat in the ring and see where it lands.”I can just hear it now. Fran does a filibuster. The carnage afterwards might be compared to the end of Tom Clancy’s book, ‘Debt of Honor.’

Hat tip- Don Surber

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