24 Tonight!

I know, I know. The past couple of seasons have not always been up to snuff. But the 24 Redemption movie was great and now we have the promise of watching Jack Bauer being interrogated by a bunch of blowhard politicians who want to send him to jail for saving the country a dozen different ways. I am excited about the show again and hope my expectations are met. The show works when it most closely resembles reality — okay, not in the scenes where Jack single handedly defeats a hundred terrorists with only a paper clip, but in those where the politics of terrorism are explored it is often spot on. One of my favorite scenes from the entire 24 series is still the one where the terrorist uses an Amnesty International type group for assistance. Unfortunately politicians who no longer see a need to aggressively pursue intelligence on terrorist suspects and who put those agencies tasked with keeping us safe low on their list of priorities is only too real. (Think Leon Panetta). If you watch tonight, I’d love to hear your comments. In my time zone the show starts at 8 p.m. You can get information about scheduling in your area at the Fox website.

Update: If you are a 24 fan you might be interested in this book on the series that I contributed to last year.

Update II: I didn’t read this from Erick Erickson until after posting, but it goes perfectly with the discussion about the incoming administration’s policies and how they will affect the real “Jack Bauers.”

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