Stop. Drop. And Think.


Has there been a more divisive subject in modern American society?

For many, it can be the deciding factor in how they will vote.

Some view it as a sin. A prism through which they view everything else.

Some feel that it is nobody’s business what they do with their bodies. A prism through which they view everything else.

And for others, it’s a non-issue. They could go either way, since it’s not something that directly effects them.

For the record, I am against abortion. I think it’s repugnant. However, I am also pro-choice in an unconventional way.

I am pro-choice, not in the sense that I believe it is a woman’s right to have an abortion, but in the sense that she had a choice to do what was right and responsible at the time, or to do what was wrong and selfish. She made the choice to be irresponsible, all for a fleeting moment of sex and self-gratification. Never exercising her ability to be reasonable, she chose to ignore the gravity of the situation that she got herself into.

In this way, abortion is nothing more than a convenient way to rid oneself of a selfish, irresponsible act. Too many people take the act of having sex too lightly. Purists will say that we are inherently wired for sex, an animal instinct. But the undeniable purpose for creatures having sex is to pro-create. That said, as humans, we have the gift of reason: To appreciate sex for more than what it’s intended purpose is. But to split the instinctive purpose from the human ability to control one’s actions is to absolve the person of individual responsibility.

Animals don’t know any better. They are instinctively wired to mate and procreate. We posses the ability to think about and assess the ramifications of what can happen. You’d think that would make us a bit more cautious about how we use our bodies, but, in reality it just allows us to reason everything we do into acceptance, just because we can.

We are the only species on the planet that purposefully and knowingly aborts its offspring. Think about that for a second.

The spark of so many promising souls snuffed out like the flame of a candle in the foul wind of human indifference.

Yeah, I’m pro-choice. Until you have an abortion.

Author’s note:

Poster “abc” referred this post to be “sexist”, as I only refer to the female’s responsibility. It is a point well taken, and was not my intention. Obviously, it takes “two to tango”, and obviously the male is part of the responsibility equation. However, ultimately, it is the choice of the woman to have an abortion, whether the male approves or not, and that was the sole reason for my posting in which the way I did.

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