Worst Bluff Ever

Harry Reid folded his hand today in the worst political bluff in recent memory.

Nevadans everywhere must be personally insulted that their own U S Senator can’t play poker better than an arrested and handcuffed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Resolutely standing athwart Senate Rule 2, Reid brazenly challenged the appointment of Roland Burris, the Constitution of the United States, the Black Panthers, the Congressional Black Caucus and invited the ridicule of a certain liberal pundit (who succeeded in making me laugh at her comments for the first time in a long time….as they say, read the whole thing).

Reid has embarrassed himself in a way only he could accomplish in this bizarre political story. As Jim Antle at The American Spectator hilariously noted:

“…it looks like Blago won this round. He didn’t get any obvious financial reward, but he proved that he still held the powers of the governor’s office and forced the ball in his detractors’ court. In other words, he didn’t just f–king give the Senate seat away for nothing. It’s a very valuable thing.” Emphasis mine.

Liberals need to ask themselves an honest question: would former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell have walked into a left hook like this?

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