A Historical Rant

I don’t watch much television. There’s just too much mindless programming.

However, the content I do enjoy watching is mainly non-fictional in content. Science, history, biographies, nature.

And nowhere was there a better resource for such indulgence than the History Channel.

That’s why I am just befuddled at what the History Channel has morphed into.

It used to be a bastion of worthy information. Programming included old war footage and documentaries, information about the Roman and Greek Empires, spotlights on the building of marvelous structures built around the world at different points in time. Space, world conflicts, American and Western civilization were all of immense interest.

My, how things have changed.

Now we have marathons of “Ice Road Truckers” or “UFO Hunters”. “MonsterQuest” and “Extreme Trains”. “Ax-Men”, for God’s sake..

What the hell happened?

This stuff isn’t history! It’s just “spectacle filler”. It’s crap. And it’s a shame.

Same thing with A&E.. I mean, I love the Sopranos, but, on A&E?

Am I the only one who has seen the decline in content? Is this just another example of the “dumbing down” of our culture?

Oh well.. Rant off..

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Ted Kennedy back in D. C.