What Is Happening To My Target Rich Administration?

I have to confess that President elect Obama has me seriously worried for reasons that I would never, in my wildest expectations, have predicted as recently as one month ago.

Blogger tigerhawk has noted that Obama is lurching to the center with his cabinet appointments in a way to make his administration look like a political Rorschach test that liberal and moderate Republicans might pass with flying colors. This doesn’t necessarily make me happy but it is considerably less troubling than what was anticipated.

Notwithstanding the exceptions of Tom Daschle and the odious Carol Browner, the much anticipated line up of the usual liberal suspects has been infiltrated by some very moderate and right leaning types that I could actually tolerate in a Democrat administration. We have:

Gates at Defense: A+

Geithner at Treasury: A+

Clinton at State: B+ (Does the Secretary of State actually do anything that doesn’t go through Defense and the CIA first?)

Summers at the National Economic Council: A- (Added grade consideration for being fired by Harvard)

Daschle at Health and Human Services: F- (He’ll be calling in all the chits for national healthcare)

Retired Marine Gen. James Jones at National Security Advisor: A

Holder at Justice: Wild Card

Napolitano at DHS: F (Sadly, amnesty is here to stay. Congress will have no say in this travesty as policy will be implemented by bureaucratic fiat)

Panetta at CIA: A+ (This was a head scratcher at first, but then the light came on: he’s going to let the CIA continue to do its thing. Panetta’s just there to make sure Obama doesn’t get impeached. Think of him as Obama’s Tom Hagen, the consigliere)

The Executive Office and its appointments make such easy and inviting targets but perhaps conservatives should concentrate, as they did in 1994, on the real den of iniquity: Congress. They’re off to the usual bad start already.

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