Wanted: CIA Chief: No Experience Necessary

Leon Panetta for Head of the CIA?

That’s like picking a doctor to represent you as your lawyer. Or picking Hillary Clinton to be in charge of enacting National Health care reform.

Panetta may be a smart man with admirable capabilities, but he has not the required background knowledge to run the most important intelligence gathering entity in the country.

This is no time to experiment with management skills for the best spy agency we have. Not now, not ever.

The reasoning behind this pick is that he will be adept at communicating with Congress about intelligence issues.

That’s not the purpose of this position.

The sole purpose should be to protect the interests of the US.

Panetta is a staunch criticizer of the interrogation techniques used under the Bush administration. Thus, Obama is throwing a bone to the left with this pick, ensuring that these techniques (which have worked for 7 and a half years) will be changed..

The Obama team didn’t even ask or brief Senator Diane Feinstein, the (God help us) new Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (a true oxymoron), about this. And she is against the pick.

“My position has consistently been that I believe the agency is best served by having an intelligence professional in charge at this time”, she said.

Newsflash: Hell hath froze over. I actually agree with DiFi.

Eric Holder, Bill Richardson, and now this.

The bloom is coming off the rose for Obama. And there’s going to be plenty more petals to loose.

Bush had Harriet Miers. Obama has this. Let’s see if the media rips him to shreds.

Note: Damn.. I just realized that Mike touched on this in his last piece. Sorry, Mike. I’ll leave this up though, so the trolls can rip my proofreading.

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