The Three Levels of Trolldom

I’ve been frequenting Wizbang for years. One of the things that makes this blog so great is the quality of it’s readership. I’ve learned to appreciate, not only the quality of the pieces published, but, the comments from most of the readers. That being said, I’ve seen several trolls come and go. Some just disappear over time, others have been hit by “Olaf’s Troll Hammer”.

Some trolls are just annoying. Others are funny. And some, even though I may not agree with the substance of their posts, can actually provoke thought.

Thus, I will describe what I have come to call the “Three Levels of Trolldom”. Let me explain.

  • A Level 1 Troll is one who, no matter what the substance of your column may contain, will always disagree. Since this site is relatively conservative in nature, this Troll can most always be described as liberal or leftist. Even though these Trolls are misguided in their ideology, they are the ones I respect the most. They usually have something intelligent to say, they say it well, and they present it in a manner of thoughtful debate: A case of “I may not agree with you, but I respect your opinion”. This is the rarest form of Troll, thus sightings are uncommon.
  • A Level 2 Troll is somewhat similar to a Level 1 in that they disagree with everything you say, but they say it, not in a thoughtful, reasoned manner, but in a combative, abrasive, sarcastic way. No one needs to provoke them. It’s just the way they were made. A Level 2 is the most common form of Troll, with some just teetering on the border of a Level 1, but never quite maturing to that point. A shame, indeed.
  • A Level 3 Troll is a mindless, rabid kook. I liken them to the Troll in the old video game “Zork”: Lurking around the corner, ready to jump out at you with a “verbal” bloody ax, ready to chop you or fellow commentors with name calling and childish schoolyard comparisons, just because they can. Nothing of substance to offer, no intellect or thought provoking counter ideas. Just ugly creatures with a chip on their shoulder and too much time on thier hands. They usually hi-jack a thread, making the discussion not about the substance of the post, but usually turning the comments section into a self-absorbed flamewar. These Trolls I despise the most.

Trolls are an invaluable part of a blog. The ones who offer counter-opinions can turn a thread into an informative, lively debate about substantive issues. Unfortunately, they are a rare breed, and even when they do turn out, the more reasoned readership usually rips their arguments to tatters, as the mainly leftist ideology is far too lacking of reason and reality.

If you feel I’ve left out any type of Troll, please feel free to offer up your own addition.

And to all you Trolls out there, I’m sure your responses will only re-enforce the notions set forth above.

But, by all means, keep up the good fight.

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