Peter Pan(tsless)

With apologies to Kevin, this may be worthy of an impromptu Caption Contest. A heretofore unnamed man had a bit of an accident boarding a Vail ski lift, leaving him dangling twenty feet above the ground and naked from the waist down. I won’t repost any of the pictures here since they’re borderline NSFW. And by NSFW I mean almost sure to distract co-workers when you’re rolling on the floor giggling in side-splitting schadenfreude.

The resort probably avoided a lawsuit by agreeing to never publicly release his name. Let’s hope the child who was with him won’t be too severely punished scarred after he howled with laughter shrieked in terror while his old man hung pantsless and terrified. If it was my old man he’d get that image served to him on a picture cake every birthday for the rest of his life.

The Club at Play
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