Disappearing Act

According to AOL, there are ten companies which will disappear or fight through bankruptcy in 2009 to stay alive (link at the end). Without looking at the list, can you tell which of these companies are the ten AOL thinks are kaput?

[] AIG
[] Bancfirst Corp.
[] Bank of America
[] Calpine Corporation
[] Charter Communications
[] Chrysler
[] Constellation Energy
[] CVS
[] Dish Network
[] Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
[] Ford
[] GM
[] Hovnanian
[] KB Homes
[] Los Angeles Times
[] Merrill Lynch
[] Moody’s Corp.
[] Newsweek
[] New York Times
[] Nortel
[] Owens Corning
[] Pier 1
[] Rite-Aid
[] Sirius XM
[] Skype
[] Walgreen’s
[] Washington Mutual

Here’s the AOL article on those companies. How’d you do? Are there companies that you think are more deserving of the axe?

Will they be screaming about unfair, stolen elections now?
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