He's Baaaack!

Well, the vacation’s over.

Barack Obama is back from his respite in Hawaii (That’s the 56th state, right?).

He’s sure had some fortunate timing, not having to discuss BlagoGate or the Middle East conflict de jour.

It’s been nice not seeing him for a while. No press conference every day, complete with “President-Elect” podium props, saying the same rhetorical pap ad nauseam.

Of course, he’s “deferred” to President Bush regarding the recent Israeli/Hamas conflict.

For a man who seems to have something to say about everything, his reluctance to give even a sound bite was a bit bizarre.

But, he’s back. And I’m sure this time away from the spotlight was excruciating for a man who’s main attribute seems to be narcissism.

Is it just me, or does it seem as though he’s been around since the Carter years (which I am sure will resume in short order.)?

This man ran for President for four years, completing 2 memoirs.

You can complete a batchelor’s degree in that time. That’s how long the Mars rovers have been in operation. It takes four years for light to travel to the Earth from Alpha Centuri.

He hasn’t even served in the Senate for four years.

I accept the nitwit won, but, sheesh, he’s been more pervasive than those hideous “Snuggie” blanket commercials.

Can’t wait for his first big stumble, or the first time he may annoy the press corp (if that’s possible), so we can stop hearing the obligatory “oohs and ahhs” from the complicit media.

At least Bush didn’t hold a press conference every day. The media just made him the enemy, and created their own “news”.

Too little, but not too late.
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