Comes around, again

I’ll go DJ one better. Partisans have always bashed the opposition parties’ leaders. It didn’t start with Reagan or Carter or Ford or Nixon. Our Founding Fathers used to kill each other in duels. Claims were plastered in the headlines that would reduce today’s sitting Senator to a crumpled heap of bladder-evacuating McCain-Feingold apoplexy.

The United States is not alone when it comes to political mockery. Do you think papier mache was invented in Berkeley after Bush was elected? Hell no, there were oversized novelty papier mache heads of Louis XVI worn by disgruntled masses through the streets of Paris. Shortly before they paraded the actual head through the streets of Paris.

So bring on the poo-flinging from both sides. It is a significant and vital part of multi-party political systems. I don’t know why anyone would expect Obama to catch a break. It’s not like the beefs Republicans had about him before the election – and there were plenty – vanished once the votes were tallied. Living in the US I’ve obviously got a vested interest in how Obama performs. But how he’s perceived publicly is no worry of mine.

I don’t trust Obama’s political instincts based on his lifetime voting/voting present record. He doesn’t strike me as brilliant. He seems more like an actor. And a lawyer. Learned the rules of the game, got the proper pedigree, and turned a Zelig-like political career into the tour de force role of a lifetime. I don’t find him magnetic or compelling. Obama and I would be polar opposites if we took a beliefs test.

The best I can hope for is an Obama administration that doesn’t screw things up any worse domestically than W. As an American it’s my duty to ensure I can survive whatever sort of misgovernment is imposed upon me by Washington. Beyond that I don’t owe any politician any respect or debt of gratitude until they’ve earned it.

Obama can dress up like Lili von Shtupp and sing show tunes for all I care as long as he doesn’t screw things up. Every President I can recall – yes, including Reagan – has been a disappointment. But I’m a small government type and the government is ever bigger and bigger. It’ll only get worse. And I reserve the right to mock President Obama’s portrayal of Lili von Shtupp if it’s off key or when his scrawny chicken legs pale in comparison to Ms Kahn’s gams.

Can you imagine how much bigger the government would be without gridlock? I love partisanship. If everyone in Washington agrees on something it’s either inane, or, Americans are about to take it in the can. I wish politicians still fought duels. Dick Cheney would be President/Chief Justice and oil would be cheap and plentiful; Europe would quake, Iran would glow.

A man can dream.

I say on with the partisan politics. I’ll be hard to top Bush=Hitler, though. Maybe Obama=Ramses? Obama=Amin? Obama=Mugabe? Does equating America’s first African-American president to dark-skinned autocrats and ignoring history’s pale-penised dictators conform to racial sensibilities? Are Cubans an ethnically ambiguous enough bunch for Obama=Castro to be considered appropriate in polite company?

Is there any doubt that when the line is crossed those folks who compared Bush to a cat who ordered the extermination of tens of millions will be complaining the loudest?

On the bright side, the Obama presidency should be a boost for conservative blogs like Wizbang. Obama bashing posts seem to elicit the most comments. Where would Kos or Olbermann have been without Bush? Can Wizbang reach such lofty heights with Obama the jug-eared stupidhead Dumb-o-crat in the White House? Hopefully, aggressively pointing out Obama’s foibles and minimizing his accomplishments – if any – will bring us lots of hits and start a beehive of activity in the comments section.

So yeah, Obama is a total douche. Did you hear about how he…

"Everyone has nothing, and the people are afraid"
Comes Around