There goes the neighborhood

Early this morning I caught a link on Drudge but have been deeply immersed in preparing tonight’s New Year’s Eve BBQ feast*. It seems to dovetail in with Cassy and Michael’s posts.

Conventional wisdom says Democrats are the friends of blacks and Republicans are striving for a return to Jim Crow. Conventional wisdom is a myth, but a myth widely believed among blacks. Blacks usually break 90% to 10% towards the person with a (D) next to their name on the ballot. In return for voter loyalty the Democrats fight for blacks’ best interests.

At least until their best interests includes using federal housing vouchers to move into exclusive Bay Area communities:

As more and more black renters began moving into this mostly white San Francisco Bay Area suburb a few years ago, neighbors started complaining about loud parties, mean pit bulls, blaring car radios, prostitution, drug dealing and muggings of schoolchildren.

In 2006, as the influx reached its peak, the police department formed a special crime-fighting unit to deal with the complaints, and authorities began cracking down on tenants in federally subsidized housing.

Now that police unit is the focus of lawsuits by black families who allege the city of 100,000 is orchestrating a campaign to drive them out.We were for federal housing vouchers before we were against them. We support a social safety net and Contra Costa County went 68% to 31% for Barrack Obama, so we’re not racists. We just feel they would benefit culturally from a more diverse neighborhood. Like Oakland.

Violence in the inner-cities is a concern as well. So it makes sense to disarm law-abiding citizens with gun bans. If gun-toting thugs are blaring car stereos and walking mean pit bulls while they sell drugs, whore, and mug then concerned citizens can call the police. Hoping the police response time is shorter than an armed intruder’s patience is a more progressive way to protect your family than the immediate deterrence a handgun might provide. You just relax and let the pros take care of it.

So while we trouble ourselves over an obscure Republican circulating an almost surely trite song parody mocking Obama a solidly Democrat neighborhood offers interesting insight into how best we can help uplift the black community. Not through vouchers and giving them a choice – because they might just choose to live or send their children to school in less than diverse parts of town. No, we must invest even more in public housing and public schools. We need to give them a hand-out, not a hand-up.

Leave it to the government to go and screw up self-segregation.

* Tonight’s BBQ feast for those who care: a six pound bone-in rib roast, five-and-a-half pound boneless pork loin, and a three pound Angus chuck roast going into the smoker for ~2 hours at 350 degrees, plus six dozen yeast rolls. I don’t know what everyone else is bringing and don’t care as I will be going 100% carnivore tonight.

Merry New Year!

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