"Israel's Merciless Reputation"

The condemnation of Israel continues, unabated.

Yesterday, in the Washington Post online edition, a Ms. Vivian Salama wrote a column called “Israel’s Merciless Reputation“, in which she excoriates Israel for defending itself from The Nation Of Hamas.

In it, she offers the following quote:

“It can be suggested that the build-up to this crisis in the Middle East began in 1967, when Israel earned itself a reputation – regionally and globally – as a military power to be reckoned with. In just six days, Israeli Defense Forces advanced to the edge of the Suez Canal, and in one foul swoop, gained control of Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Sinai Peninsula, and the whole of Jerusalem.”

Notice, not once in the entire quote, does she mention the Arab aggression that led up to the Six Day War. She just makes it sound as if Israel went on a military might showcase to flex it’s muscles against the Arab world and conquer some territory. (Notice, also, her use of the term “one foul swoop”.)

She continues, comparing the 2006 month-long war with Hezbollah and the current events unfolding with the Nation of Hamas in Gaza, describing Hezbollah as “savvy” in it’s actions, that it earned “global recognition” and calling Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah a “hero” of the Muslin world.

In contrast, she describes the Israeli response to both Hezbollah and Hamas using the following rhetorical flourishes:

  • “unforgiving show of strength” (used twice)
  • “unforgiving attack on Hezzbollah”
  • “heavy-handed response”
  • “unnecessarily brutal force”
  • “particularly merciless”
  • “deadly response”

See a pattern here?

Not once through the entire article does she, herself, say anything about the terror attacks or rocket strikes launched by both Hezbollah and Hamas. Instead, she quotes another person, who declares “that Hamas may have gone too far with it’s rockets” though this “is not justification of the Israeli policy.”. Hmmm.

Ms. Simkas article can be summed up as such: Israel’s only reason for it’s “deadly response” against the Nation of Hamas is solely to redeem itself for what was roundly portrayed in the media as a losing battle against Hezbollah in 2006.

Once again, we see Arab sympathizers ignore the responsibility of these terrorist organizations, justifying their actions, and condemning Israel for any aggressive defensive retaliation it my take. And once again, we see the leftist media run with it.

And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory Bush-bashing for his “failed promise” to find lasting mid-east peace. (No mention of the Clinton administration’s failures)

Fear not, though. For she see’s a hopeful future:

” President-elect Barack Obama, meanwhile, has a unique opportunity to make history in the Middle East, just as he made history at home.”


Merciless, indeed.

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