"World Rallies around Palestinians amid Gaza offensive"

So reads the headline from cnn.com/europe.

Hypocrisy can be defined as “willfull ignorance”.

The blatant hypocrisy from the leaders and people of the U.N., Europe, and Arab nations is so glaringly one-sided, it seems as if they are living in a “Bizzaro world” when espousing outrage against Israel, while turning a blind eye toward Hamas’ “aggression”.

As it has been said before, thousands more Muslims have died by the hands of other Muslims than by anyone else in modern times.

How can these same people not protest this?

Where were all the protests by Muslims and their sympathizers around the world this week when a truck bomb nut killed 14 children on their way to school in Afghanistan?

Where were all the protests when a bicycle suicide bomber killed one Iraqi and injured 16 others, during a protest condemning Israeli air strikes a few days ago?

Where were all the protests when a suicide car bomber killed 26 people at a polling station in Pakistan?

And all this in just one week.

The silence from these same nations when concerning Muslim on Muslim deaths is deafening.

However, all is as it should be now.

Hamas has been shooting missiles into Israel for weeks. The restraint Israel has shown up until now has been amazing, if not puzzling. Now that Israel has finally decided to defend itself from these terror attacks, the rest of the world predictably condemns Israel and calls for an immediate cease-fire.

Hamas is the elected governing body of the Palestinians and Gaza. As such, Gaza could be called the “Nation of Hamas”. The Nation of Hamas has declared open war against Israel, and Israel has picked up the gauntlet, answering in the only logical way an attacked nation would.

Hamas, their Iranian and Egyptian puppetmasters, and their Palestinian pawns do not want a cease fire. They do not want dialogue or accords. They do not want truces or peace. They want death to all Jews and Israel. It is indisputable from their actions and their words.

It is literally why they exist.

And it’s always going to be that way.

At least until that headline reads “World rallies around Israelis”.

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