Jack Is Back

I have been super busy the past couple of months with the holidays and have been putting a lot of things off — including blogging. I didn’t even take time to watch “24 — Redemption” until this weekend. I have loved Jack Bauer from the first episode of the first season of 24, but was really pretty disappointed in the most recent season. I recorded “24 — Redemption,” the two hour 24 movie, on my DVR and only decided to watch it this weekend and now I am really looking forward to the new season which premieres in January. I was already looking forward to it after watching the movie, but when I saw the previews of the upcoming episodes I was hooked all over again. In addition to “Red” from That Seventies Show playing a congressman grilling Jack over his use of torture, Tony will be back. The wussy UN helmet guy from the Redemption movie appeared in the previews for the new season as well. For the first time in a long time I am really excited about “24” again. When the new season starts I’ll revive my “24” threads if there is enough interest. If the new season is as good as the movie suggests it will be, there should be plenty of interest.

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