Here We Go Again

Well, the Baron beat me to it, covering the recent conflict between Israel and “the religion of peace”.

Seems like those “eeeevil Joooos” are at it again, selfishly defending themselves against another round of friendly Hamas rocket attacks.

Predictably, the U.N. has called on Israel to exercise restraint. Nothing, of course, has been said about the unprovoked, weeks long Hamas terror strikes directed against them.

And now, just as predictably, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has called on “Muslims around the world” to rise up and defend the innocent Palestinians from Israeli aggression.

One Arab leader called the Israeli air strikes “crimes against humanity”.

I guess Jews don’t count as part of “humanity”, for it is acceptable to indiscriminately kill as many as possible.

Nothing has been said by anyone in that friendly region condemning Hamas for what can only be described as acts of war.

Most all of the Arab nations have had strong condemnation for Israel, while expressing sympathy for the Palestinians. Of course, none of these countries has ever offered to take in the Palestinians, give them any of their land, or even allow them to become citizens of their countries.

That would take away the perpetual excuse they use to justify their hatred of Jews.

For all their rhetorical flourishes, to these countries and their people, the Palestinians are nothing but pawns.

I wonder if their lives would be changed for the better if they directed all the anger and wasted energy projected at Israel into something positive for themselves. Maybe something good would actually come out of that region.
Instead, they condem, hate, and kill people of a country barely the size of New Jersey. The only country in the region with a democracy, and the only country who has evolved into a productive, civilized society.

Looks like Hamas made a huge tactical error this time.

Israel has killed an estimated 80 Hamas gunman with their recent air strikes, and they are now gearing up for what seems to be a full scale ground invasion of Gaza.

The usual condemnation from the U.N., Arab countries, and anti-Semitic Europe will come predictably and swiftly. The hypocrisy of these entities is as transparent as the intentions of Hamas to hold to a truce.

I wonder if any of these countries would show restraint if mortars and rockets were constantly raining down on their population. It would be like Canada lobbing missiles into Minnesota. It is absurd to think that Israel should not defend itself.

I know there is a long, difficult history to this conflict. I don’t know much about it, but for at least my 37 years of being around, it’s been a friggin’ mess that has cost thousands of lives, with Israel being the victim.

That whole region is one big, squalid swamp of angry, ignorant people.

Time to drain it.

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