O-Bomb-a's First "Crisis"

In a sign of a possible return to Cold War contentions, the AP reports as follows:

Russia Building 70 New Nuclear Missiles

Monday, December 22, 2008

MOSCOW — Russian news reports are quoting a senior government official as saying the military will commission 70 strategic nuclear missiles over the next three years.

They quote Vladislav Putilin as saying the government has decided to spend about 4 trillion rubles, or $141 billion, on new weapons over the next three years.

He was quoted as saying after Monday’s Cabinet meeting that the money will buy 70 strategic missiles and 30 short-range Iskander missiles among other military hardware.

The number of missiles mentioned by Putilin indicates the government’s intention to significantly increase the tempo of rearming Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces.

Putilin is a deputy head of the Cabinet’s military-industrial commission in charge of weapons industries.

One of Putin’s puppets, Putilin seems to be flexing his petro-dollar fueled muscles in what can only be deemed a provacation to the West’s interests, specifically toward the U.S.

Could this be the “crisis” which Saint Joe predicted would occur within the first 6 months of an Obama administration?

Interesting this occurs as the new adminstration is ready to be ushered in. Will Obama back down on placing a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe?

Our Commander in Diapers has some big-boy stuff with which to contend, and he’s no Jack Kennedy.

That cut in defense spending sounds a little nearsighted now, huh Barney

Pet Bailout Coming Soon.
It's high time for Obama...