The New York Times Knows No Shame

The New York Times owes the late David Halberstam an apology. Halberstam, readers may recall, wrote the definitive history (The Reckoning) of the failure of the domestic auto industry (NB: He wrote it twenty years ago).

Today the Times tangoed with plagiarism and grave robbing by lifting Halberstam’s famous title while using their late employee’s unique turn of words to push a propaganda piece of that is both dishonest and biased in its treatment of the recent mortgage debacle.

Among the article’s many deficiencies the reader will note is a failure to address congressional culpability and any critical mention of names (such as Frank, Raines, Dodd, Johnson, and Gorelick) that might prove embarrassing to liberal sensibilities.

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a proper fisking of the fiction here.

The Times article is, in short, a failed attempt to lay the mortgage debacle exclusively at the door of the Bush administration. What the article actually represents is a preliminary thrust at prepping the political battlefield for President elect Obama by removing mention of him and his party from any discerning discussion of those actually responsible for the mess they (Obama and the Democrats) will inevitably have to confront.

It’s sort amusing that Pinch Sulzberger still continues to believe in the gullibility of the masses even as the market relentlessly tells him something else

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