No Experience Necessary

What a difference an election makes.

It was not long ago that Democrats and their accomplices in the MSM field dressed Sarah Palin for not having enough experience to hold the office of Vice-President (By the way, where has Chia Joe been lately?), while disregarding the lack of experience of Obambi. My, how the tables have predictably turned.

Caroline Kennedy SCHLOSSBERG is now the front runner for one of the most influential, powerful political positions in the country, yet not a whit of discontent has been uttered by her slobbering pals in the Democratic party or the hypnotized media.

Sarah Palin was elected Governor to one of the most important states in the country. She was also Mayor of Wasilla City, and was appointed Chairperson of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

And Caroline Kennedy-SCHLOSSBERG’s credentials? {sound of crickets chirping}

Sarah Palin was elected by actual voters to her political positions. She campaigned and fought to win for them based on her beliefs and convictions, and she won.

Caroline Keneddy-SCHLOSSBURG will be appointed to her senate seat for one reason only: Her Kennedy name. No experience necessary. As Harry” the Mortician” Reid put it while appearing on “Face to Face”, “I think Caroline Kennedy would be perfect.” Color me surprised.

The abject hypocrisy of the liberals and leftist media could not be more transparent. Apparently, all the experience she needs is old footage of her fumbling around on Daddy’s shoes for the cameras, milking the Kennedy legacy for everything imaginable.

New York already put a senator in office with star power, but no experience.

Wanna place bets it’s gonna happen again?

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