Do the worst car companies really make the worst cars?

Gasp! Who’da thought?

The Truth About Cars has just published their 2008 Ten Worst Autos list. And the winners (?) are:

10. Chevy TrailBlazer / GMC Envoy / Isuzu Ascender / Saab 9-7X
9. VW Routan
6. Dodge Nitro
5. Dodge Caliber
4. Chrysler Aspen / Dodge Durango
3. Chevrolet Aveo
2. Jeep Compass
1. Chrysler Sebring / Dodge Avenger

Notice anything interesting?

Uh-huh — 9 out of those 10 cars are made by GM or Chrysler, and the VW Routan is widely considered to be nothing more than a bad copy of the Dodge Caravan.

All ten of these vehicles are currently in 2009 model year production.

Yep. I’m feeling better about that auto bailout already …

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