Checking in — Alive and Well

With all the great new bloggers at Wizbang (and all the great old bloggers at Wizbang) you might not have even noticed, but I’ve been AWOL the past month or so. I thought I should check in to say “hello” and catch up a bit.

My mother-in-law and her sister came to visit for a week at Thanksgiving so I pretty much went off the grid and spent my time cooking and cleaning and enjoying their time here and doing all that other stuff I don’t have enough time to do when I get sucked into the blogosphere. A week after they left I packed the family for our annual trip to California for my husband’s company Christmas party. This year it was in San Diego so we split our time between there and Long Beach. It was fun, but then I got home and had to catch up on all the Christmas prep I was behind on — decorating, shopping, etc.

With less than a week to go I have a ton still left to do so I probably won’t be doing any blogging until after the holiday, but here are a few things I have noticed even though I have only done a quick periodic check of the blogs over the past few weeks and have not watched any news on purpose. What news I have gotten has largely been background noise — it really stinks that CNN is force fed to airline travelers. Over the past few weeks I guess I have gotten my news largely as a normal human being (you know, one who is not obsessed with politics and doesn’t read the internet on an hourly basis). Here is what I have learned…

When it is colder than normal and snowing in places like Las Vegas and Malibu it is touted as evidence of global warming. It is still evidence of global warming when it is hotter than normal too though. Go figure.

It is no longer cool to question authority and oppose the President. Now it is really important that all Americans get behind their president because that is good for the country. Evidently when the country is in the midst of fighting a war it is not a good time to support the commander-in-chief. That is the time to call the president a lying, murderous Nazi. But that, of course, only applies if he is a Republican.

One more thing I learned — there is a big scandal involving the governor of Illinois, but in all the reports I have seen his party affiliation has not been mentioned so he must be unaffiliated. Oh, and in all the reports I have seen the reporters have gone out of their way to stress that there is no involvement or connection whatsoever to Barack Obama or his people. Did anyone else notice that this is the first time many of these reporters have talked about Obama’s associations to anyone controversial? I guess there weren’t any to talk about before the election.

Another thing I learned during my break from blogging is that over the past two years when I screamed at the top of my lungs that reporters should be talking about Iraq (specifically the success of the surge) I was wasting my time. I should have just thrown a shoe. Evidently that is much more newsworthy than statistics of reduced violence and percentage of the country now under Iraqi control.

In case I don’t check back in for a while I wanted to say welcome to the new bloggers. I have enjoyed their posts and look forward to much great blogging to come. I also wanted to be sure to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

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