Biden is Back: He's Tanned, He's Rested and He's Ready

The search is over. George Stephanopoulos found Vice President elect Joe Biden the other day without a minder. As we’ve come to expect, Biden didn’t disappoint as he sermonized to the ABC Clinton Boy Wonder:

“The economy is in much worse shape than we thought it was in,”

Say it ain’t so, Joe. What was your first clue?

Then in trademark Biden style he delivers the whopper:

“Every single person I’ve spoken to agrees with every major economist.”

In other words, he’s been talking to himself since the election. Ignore for a moment the oxymoron “major economist” and look at the “every single person” +”I’ve spoken to” = “agrees” with the oxymoron (ok, that’s my opinion). However, anyone that has passed within one hundred feet (according to major economists) knows that a room full of economists will not agree on everything, nor will they agree on anything or everything spoken among others about what they allegedly agree on.

But Joe knows. Welcome back.

How low can you go? How low can you go?
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