Just What We Need, Another Kennedy

So, the honchos at the Democratic party have set their collective gaze upon the statuesque Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg. A mere ploy to garner name recognition and star power (kind of like Hillary riding the stained coat tails of Bill.).

Let’s, for sake of sainity, run through Mrs. SCHLOSSBERG’s lengthy political credentials:

  • She’s a Kennedy
  • She’s a socialite
  • Shes’ a Kennedy

Quite a substantial resume to be allotted a seat to one of the most powerful and exlcusive political institutions in existence. And so well thought out by the Democratic power brokers, who,of course, have our best political interests in mind.

I guess if you kill a person in an auto wreck, womanize umpteen women under the very watch of the queen of Camelot, and rape a woman after swigging hooch at a Miami bar, anything is possible if you’re of the proper lineage.

I just don’t get it. I wasn’t even born in the long shadow of the bright spectacle that was Camelot, and have no adoration for the Kennedy “mystique”, but why on God’s green earth do these power leeches automatically proclaim a dubious seat at the table of the political establishment, and who in the hell is brainwashing enough zombies to keep voting for them.

All due respect to the ailing Ted Kennedy (D-Bushmills), but, let the damn fascination rest already. It’s a self perpetuating legacy that’s long past it’s golden years, and it should be duly placed in the historical annals of political idolatry.

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