Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

Well, dissent used to be the highest form of patriotism. Apparently that line of reasoning is so totally, like, 2005. We can’t afford to think that way now. This country needs a successful presidency. Do you believe we can achieve a successful presidency by speaking truth to power? No, my friend, to ensure our nation remains strong we need a President who is free to make decisions without being hounded by an adversarial press at every turn.

We need a big, hot, steaming cup of shut your yap.

“Let me just cut you off because I don’t want you to waste your question.” Obama is easily able to dodge the metaphorical shoe thrown by a reporter with nary a scratch and the reporter is saved from embarrassing himself by putting The One on the hot seat. And Americans get a successful start to Obama’s presidency. It’s win-win-win.

Obama’s already grown in office. The new brush off sounds a lot more presidential than whining, “Come on guys; I just answered, like, eight questions. We’re running late.” Now it’s not about Obama running late. It’s about the reporter wasting his question. What a thoughtful gesture!

The press better play nice or Congress and President-Elect Obama will really fix their little red wagon.

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