Tuesday Morning Round Up

“Property is the fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.” Abraham Lincoln

It’s Christmas. Why not drop by Soldiers Angels and send our guys overseas some Christmas Cheer? You don’t even have to know a soldier’s name just purchase a package, click ‘for any soldier’, and you’re done. Soldier’s Angels do the rest for you. Maybe you could even adopt a soldier to correspond with while you’re at it.

  • Private School/Home School/Public School. In a widely publicized decision, Obama decided to put his children in the Sidwell Friends School, a private school costing $29,000 a year Given this, one would presume that he supports alternatives to public education. Earlier in the year, he actually did sound supportive “If there was any argument for vouchers, it was ‘Let’s see if the experiment works’ . . . And if it does, whatever my preconception, you do what’s best for kids,” Obama said.
  • This is the one subject nearest and dearest to my heart as my children are enrolled in a private/cooperative education program. My kids are happier, learning more, and have actually been much healthier outside of the ‘public’ school system. It’s been a challenging adjustment, full of rewards, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. (Via Intellectual Conservative)

  • Outnumbered 10:1 and our guys still win. Oh, and by the way, they’ll be receiving 10 Silver Stars for their trouble. From the Washington Post. (Via Patriot Room)
  • Rahm under pressure to resign, US MSM ducks the story. Have we seen anything in the MSM about pressure on Rahm Emanuel to resign? Nothing from the L.A. Times. Or the New York Times. But the U.K. and Australian papers often print stories their liberal American cousins will not. And they think something is afoot. . (Via Patriot Room)
  • Yet another subject near and dear to my heart. The heart breaking lack of knowledge of the Constitution. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a conservative non-profit group, surveyed 2,508 Americans about their knowledge of America’s founding principles, political history, international relations and the free market. More than 1,700 people – about 70 per cent – failed the test: (Via Pajama Hadin)
  • Making Money the Socialist, Secular Humanist Way! It’s fast, fun and easy! Here’s how you do it. (Via KT Cats Post)
  • Playing by the rules Woooo! Found a new (to me) blog through KT Cat. The local telephone companies are bound down by the same lilliputian web of union rules under which the Big Three auto companies suffer. Having worked for, and consulted with, these telcos during my career, I know quite a bit about that problem. (Via Secular Apostate)
  • Russian warship 90 miles from US coast MOSCOW – Russian warships will visit U.S. foe Cuba for the first time since the Soviet era, the navy said Monday.
    The destroyer Admiral Chabanenko and two support ships from a squadron that has been on a lengthy visit to Latin America will put in at Havana on Friday for a five-day stay, navy spokesman Capt. Igor Dygalo said.
    It will be the first visit by Russian warships to the Communist-led island just 90 miles (145 kilometers) from the United States since the 1991 Soviet collapse, Dygalo said.
    (Via Yahoo News)
  • UAW and Detroit 3 have failed There can be no doubt that the American auto industry is failing. Numbers don’t lie, and besides, they admit it. The corporate leaders have been to Washington to “beg” for money several times now, and they’ve even brought along token union leaders. (Via Flopping Aces)
  • Liberals worry that there are not enough entitlement programs to throw money at You know the second coming of Jimmy Carter has arrived when MSM hacks complain about Obama not having enough stuff to spend our taxpayer dollars on. I have no worries on this. I’m certain they will create enough entitlement programs to waste money on. (Via Flopping Aces)
  • Israel turns away UNs 9-11 troofer JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel has turned back UN human rights envoy Richard Falk upon his arrival at Ben Gurion airport, authorities said on Monday, accusing him of “legitimizing Hamas terrorism.”
  • “Israel has made clear that Mr. Falk was not invited, nor would be welcome in Israel, under his capacity as special rapporteur” for human rights, the foreign ministry said. They barred him from the country too. (Via LGF)

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