A Questionable Thought, or A Thoughtful Question.

In response to Michael’s beautifully profound post, “God of the Universe, Revealed” , I have a little scenario to ponder.

Say, a billion years ago there was a bucket. And in that bucket was hundreds of different, brilliant colors of paint. Fast forward about 150,000 years. Imagine someone throwing that bucket of paint onto a canvas, and out pops a picture of the painting in the Sistine chapel, in all it’s intricacies, complexities and glory.

You’d say it is an absolute impossibility.

Extrapolate this to our existence. Do you really believe that we exist due to millions of years of random mishaps? Do you not think us to be more complex than a picture.

I am not a “bible-thumper” by any means. I believe in evolution, but not in the scientific way.

I do, however, believe that we were put here by something with intelligence, and an integerity, and a wish for our success.

To believe otherwise, is, well, an exercise in folly.

Boy, this muscle relaxer is kicking my ass.

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