Employment in the Blogosphere

I blame Google. The idea of a hugely successful corporation founded on a base product which is used for free by its customers is one of those quirks of the Internet, not the dot-com con games but a real paradigm shift. And similarly, the Blogosphere is one of those things which turned out to be a world-changer as well, striking fear into political spin doctors and Ratherites everywhere. You can try to discredit some of them, bribe some of them, scare off some of them, and so on, but you can never get rid of all of them, and they are relentless in their pursuits. Sometimes those pursuits are unworthy rants, little better than the conspiracy theories which flooded the internet in the pre-blog days like backwater from a septic failure. But there are dozens of top-quality sites which provide better investigation than any MSM outlet, and literally thousands of blogs which are expert in all manner of technical and professional fields, not to mention countless varieties of wit and insight, from biting satire to hilarious parody to scholarly masterpieces. I am proud to say that Wizbang has earned a certain reputation as a worthwhile site for blog visits, for a number of reasons but certainly because of the quality of its authors in general. The twelve authors already on board (Kevin, Maggie, Melissa, Lorie, Kim, Cassy, Steve, Bill, Jim, Charlie, Jayson and myself) represent a wide range of experience and talent – you might say there’s something for everyone – and if you insist on the mentally disabled and deranged having their say, there’s always WizBlue. We’re sort of like the authors of the Federalist Papers, only without the powdered wigs and with a much wider range of subjects to address.

As the dearly departed Jay Tea mentioned, on some blogs there is a certain financial inducement for writers, which is great if you can get it, but for most of us it’s all about the story, which used to be what drove great journalists back when newspapers and television news were really about the news. As we prepare to welcome new talent aboard the staff here, I applaud Kevin for his vision and dedication to the Wizbang mission, and to his standards employed in signing on new authors. It may seem at times that just anybody can get on board here (after all, he invited me in), in fact there is a standard of work expected, and Kevin exercises a sense of both team chemistry and balance in his staff choices. This broadens Wizbang’s reach and keeps it from becoming stale through redundancy. The most recent addition to the team is not meant to be a criticism of anyone who does not win the slot, but the careful and purposeful placement of skills and background where they can help the team the most.

Speaking for myself and anyone of similar mind, I thank all of our candidates for the new positions, and hope we will see you all in print, either here, another fine site, or in your own blog. To Baron Von Ottomatic, Edward Sisson, HughS, Jennifer, Michael Laprarie, RightKlik, Rose Hughes, SCSIwuzzy, and Shawn Mallow, thank you very much and best of luck, either here or wherever you comment or post, now, soon, or whenever. And to the new members, don’t forget the rookie duties include daily donut delivery and maintenance of the hallowed Hammer of Thor. And never forget to call Kevin ‘sir’, that’s really important (cf CSI:NY)

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