Breaking: Shoes Thrown at President Bush During Iraqi Press Conference

In Baghdad, Sunday afternoon, during a press conference at a surprise farewell visit between President Bush And Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, a “journalist” from the “religion of peace” threw both shoes at the head of President Bush.

Fortunately, both shoes missed, or to put it more accurately, President Bush’s excellent reflexes allowed him to duck out of the way quickly enough.

During the “exchange”, President Bush was smirking the entire time, which should send the lefties into a mini-tizzy.

Not bad moves for a 62 year old man, especially given it happened at such close range.

President Bush was heard to have said, “That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me, you may want to know.”.

Not sure how to imbed a video link, so here’s a link to HotAir for a portion of the video.

Hat tip: HotAir

By Shawn Mallow

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