The Faces of the Auto Bailout

I have read with the interest the articles on the auto bailout here at Wizbang and on the various news sites. Should they or shouldn’t they? Who’s trying to save face and who is trying to save …. well, a different part of their anatomy?

Meanwhile, nearly 500 local auto workers are out of a job two weeks from Christmas.

I understand why people want a bailout and why others oppose it. It is crystal clear how many politicians, members of the media and other assorted players are invested in more in what they can get out of this than what can be done for the auto industry and its workers. It makes a great theorectical discussion of policy and program

But, what happens to the people who are simultaneously being ill-served by both their company and their unions?

I will confess to being envious of the salaries local auto workers have pulled down in the past. Not only have the workers benefitted, but local retail establishments and the school districts have as well. I’ve seen the blessings that a Honda and/or GM plant can provide to local education.

Well, Honda is fine (so far), but the schools that depended on GM are scared. Those of us still with jobs never pulled down the salaries that the automakers provided. Kids still need to be educated, however, and, if the auto companies go under, we will be all that those kids have to count on.

I was not happy with this bailout proposal – particularly given the bill passed earlier this summer for auto makers benefit – but, I had hoped that a deal could have been reached that involved all players giving up something so that the industry itself could survive.

Sadly, the leadership that could put such a deal together don’t exist in Congress.

By: Rose Hughes

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