Barack 2.0

Or maybe, The Home of the WOPR?

Think you would make a good president but there are too many skeletons in your closet to survive media scrutiny? Maybe you don’t have the three quarters of a trillion dollars required to finance a presidential campaign? Not to worry. For a mere $39.95 you can serve as the virtual Commander in Chief and see first hand how your decisions would impact the United States and world at large.

A computer game set to hit US stores the day Barack Obama is sworn in as president challenges players to see whether they can do a better job running the country than he can.

Interactive Gaming Software said on Monday it will make Commander in Chief available on January 20, the day of Obama’s inauguration.

Commander in Chief will give players information from 50 international organisations including the United Nations, G7, NATO, NAFTA, and OPEC to enhance the realism of the game made by France-based Eversim.

There’s a capability to play on-line against other gamers. What would be really cool is an ability to refresh the game’s parameters daily based on real-time domestic, geopolitical, and economic events; the article doesn’t make clear if the game does or not. Programming that capability into the game and aggregating news for daily updates would probably require a subscription fee of some sort but would give significantly more realism than playing against static conditions. How it simulates the actions of Congress and entrenched bureaucracies is another question.

Then there are the political biases the programmers built into the game:

Domestic decisions such as raising or lowering taxes will result in players having either upset citizens or tight budgets.

Since the US has historically seen tax revenues rise following rate cuts that bit of logic doesn’t make sense. Is there a Laffer upgrade bundle available?

Regardless, here’s your chance to govern right of Goldwater, make Pyongyang and Tehran glow in the dark, declare martial law, suspend elections, and inter liberals just like they’ve been saying Bush would at Democratic Underground. Dick Cheney not included.

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